Friday, June 13, 2014

Jason Saggo vs. Josh Shockley

In the first fight at UFC 174 will face debuting in the organization and strongly anonymous Canadian Jason Saggo (9-1, 0-0 UFC) with American Josh Shockley (11-2, 0-0 UFC).
Saggo not defeated anyone with a recognized brand, but beat Stephen Beaumont, who was then 7-1 record does not look too bad. The most famous player, with which he fought was, however, Canadian Jesse Ronson, with whom he lost by split decision judge what you have to save him considerable plus, because despite two defeats in the UFC Ronson is a solid player.
Shockley has a little more experience, I fought a four-to-head in Bellatorze (2-2 record). Trained, among others, Eddie Wineland and Darren Elkins 24-year-old can boast of a very good physical conditions (will be about 5 inches taller than Saggo), which may help him in the exchanges stójkowych.
Both players are primarily Grapplers. The stand-up lean slightly toward a little more poukładanemu Saggo that pretty well and very often copies. The very fact that it survived without major problems three rounds standing up with Ronson well of him shows - not to mention the fact that one of the judges saw his victory, and the fight itself could go in two directions (Saggo was there three times pounce). Shockley, in turn, quickly sought to overthrow. Both players do not seem particularly good wrestlers, but in the clinch Canadian shows (at least against the background of existing rivals) pretty good, AIW ground makes a very positive impression (brown belt), smoothly moving items and using it for this purpose, endangering the opponent poddaniami (omoplata levers on the legs) and a rubber guard when it is on the back.
Typing a duel of two novices in the Octagon is a difficult task. Apparently Shockley has more experience on the big stage, training in a better club, and will have the advantage of physical conditions, but I have a feeling, however, that Soggo have at this stage of his career, better cuts - both kickboxing and grapplingowe. For this fight Ronson showed that it has a good condition. 8 of 9 fights won by submission, and only two losses were the result of reciting Shockley, so ...

Roland Delorme vs. Tanaka Michinori

Debuting in the UFC Japanese Michinori Tanaka (9-0, 0-0 UFC) crosses gloves with the local Canadian Roland Delorme (9-2, 1 NC, 3-1, 1 NC UFC).
Tanaka is primarily aggressively fighting a grappler who is not as Single plane in this element as Delorme. Japanese your game completes a decent stand-up collar (is mobile, fast moving slightly on his feet, good control distance, hits with both hands, copies lowkingi and high kicks) and very good sprowadzeniami - both from a distance and from the clinch. There is also a great condition (recently won two 5-rundówki) - probably much better than Canadian, but here we have to take for the fact that it will debut the Japanese in the UFC (stress), and the fight itself will be held in Canada (travel, etc.). , so the prevalence of cardio Tanaka does not have to be so obvious.
How Michinori looks while on the ground, so the plane in which most likely will be fought this duel? Had suggest his duels with Caleb Vallotonem and Crisanto Pitpitungiem, you would conclude that this barely 23-year-old plagued much of his youth - he was very aggressive on the ground, constantly seeking surrender and thereby often losing excellent positions (pounce), giving the at the same time catch the various techniques ending (rear naked choke, omoplata). It was felt that the Japanese are brilliant grappler, but clearly lacks the methodical, control on the ground, careful arrangement of a ball. In the latter, however, challenge Tanaka presented differently - yes, still brilliantly, with great dynamics walking down the leg this time Kyle Aguona, famously knocking it out of the clinch, but the real difference was his game-storied - this time it was a lot more control, much less follies.
Will that be enough for Roland Delorme, who 6 of 9 wins recorded by submission? Let us remember that the Canadian will have a big advantage of growth, the fight will take place in Canada, acting debut in the organization at the same time for Tanaka. I bet that the youth, dynamism and speed supported by prudent Japanese game storey will lead him to victory on points to the despair of the Canadian fans.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Best info about UFC 174. Watch live!

Every month you can watch UFC gale and enjoy a really good fights. So will this time, because I June 14 waiting for us really well promising gala UFC 174, in which the battle will be fought in a cage. How to prove themselves in the cage riders who do not have such experience? It all turns out next week. This time the gala will be held in Vancouver. There will also be a lot of emotions due to a card gala where we see a really exciting head. Who among us does not like to watch fights Demetrious or Bagautinova, it is their see in the battles of the evening at UFC 174 If you have not bought a ticket to the gala is high time to do this, especially if you live or are from the area of ​​Vancouver. Of course, everyone who will not be able to appear at the gala will be able to watch it online or on TV. Gala as you can guess will be broadcast on PPV system for several digital television. If you do not have a digital TV UFC 174 will be able to view online at other sites. In a few days we'll provide more details as you watch the gala.